Liga Norte/Sur will have three from seven participating teams in a compact edition only in one weekend. They will aim for qualify to Liga and Copa España. Usually the competition take place in Autum but this year it had to be postponed until now.


A new date on the official calendar reunites the teams of the national scene to dispute Liga Norte/Sur. This competition is complementary with Liga Catalana, and tests the consistency of the teams along several dates. However, this season, has taken a compressed format due to the lack of activity at Jace ice rink during the first months of the season.

The event is hold the first weekend of April with a Round Robin of seven teams. Harrikada will take part with three teams. The winner will be shown on Sunday afternoon.

Harrikada Curlstore (Iñigo Ruiz de Eguílaz, Rubén Martínez del Pino, Máximo Calvo, Belén Bárcena and Iñigo Ruiz Alvarado) will show their most agressive game with the ambition to get a difficult qualification on their six games to play.

Harrikada Fundación Vital (Javier Goldarazena, Josune Albisu, José Miguel Vallés, Iosu Gabilondo and Nagore Goldarazena) will look to find their best game from the beginning in a competition that will have to accumulate victories from the very beginning to finish giving their best on the final phase.

Harrikada Vitrogres (Iraitz Goldarazena, Lydia Vallés, Josu Perlacia and Lydia Garaigordobil) go with the mission to grow as a team. They will have a hard end of round robin to close the options for qualifying on the top.

The teams to deal with are Txuri-Berri Cafés Aitona, Txuri-Berri Gorena, Jaca and Hielo Pisuerga, all of them aiming to be the champions of the newest competition of the national calendar.

Good luck and good stones to all the teams but specially to Harrikada