Harrikada Traducción e Interpretación (T&I) (Translation & Interpretation) has finished fifth on the qualification phase for Play-Off at the Women Spanish Championship, so they are not allowed to fight for the medals. There have been seven teams in this championship that will finish with Play-Offs from 23-25 March.

The team from Vitoria, formed by Belén Bárcena, Oihane Ruiz, Toñi Rodríguez, Josune Albizu and Lydia Vallés, got two victories and four defeats, not enough to get the pass for Play-Off. It was until the end, in a situation that already did not depend on themselves, that could have opened the way if Puigcerdà Panxing would have won Hielo Pisuerga. Finally, Hielo Pisuerga won with a last shot promoting one of the external stones to the center of the house, in a fantastic execution of their skip.

The competition started on Friday 2nd March, in Jaca at Palacio de Hielo ice rink. The first game was against Hielo Pisuerga, in a very close match, where finally, Hielo Pisuerga won in the last stone by 4-5 frustrating Harrikada´s ongoing recovery.

Local derby against SVC Iparpolo was much more clear, where Harrikada could not get any point leaving the scoreboard 9-0.

Victories started to appear versus Puigcerdà Pànxing, by 4-7, in a game where they finally got a propitius scoreboard during all the match.

Good vibrations continued against Txuri-Berri Cafés Aitona, keeping until the break. Finally, it was 7-4 for Txuri-Berri.

Direct qualification options were if Harrikada T&I won Val d´Aran, second on the ranking until that moment. The stones were very close until the break, alternately in the scoreboard, but again, the break was not good for our players and the game finished 9-4 reducing all the Play-Off options for our team.

A last victory vs Madrid B-52 by 7-4 closed Harrikada T&I participation looking the other games with a possible triple tie with Puigcerdà and Hielo Pisuerga, that finally did not progress.

Qualifying round robin phase is Txuri-Berri (6-0), Val d’Aran (5-1), SVC Iparpolo (4-2), Hielo Pisuerga (3-3), Harrikada T&I (2-4), Puigcerdà Pànxing (5-1) and Madrid B-52 (0-6). Congratulations to the qualified teams and come on to our ladies!!

Aupa Harrikada!