Harrikada Curling Club celebrated this weekend the opening of the new Curling season with a team meeting, official pictures and its already traditional lunch at Petritegi Sidrería. The novelties for the new season anticipated sports plans to be developed in a year full of exciting challenges. Orain bai, harri onak!

Friday night, at Bakh ice rink, usual players welcomed the new ones to a club that has never stopped increasing the number of members and the team picture needs to increasingly share its pixels wifi th more faces.
The event took the advantage to present the new season with figures, dates and plans from which the 33 players took well note ready to contribute to the teams where they take part in bonspiels and official championships with their best game, technical skills and good mood that Harrikada takes on.
The best way to end the beginning of the new season is to celebrate the usual lunch at Petritegi Sidrería, where the most ludic part meets to share a good table, missing the ice for the moment, as this season is still to come.

Let´s start the season!!
Aupa Harrikada!