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Harrikada takes part at Jaca Bonspiel

Here comes the seventh edition of Ciudad de Jaca Curling Bonspiel. It will be from 30th November till 2nd December and it will count with one Harrikada team and also Lydia Vallés as part of women´s junior team, on its training to next World championship in this category.

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Harrikada, once more, will be faithful to Jaca and Club de Hielo Jaca participating in a new edition of their Curling bonspiel. José Miguel Vallés, Toñi Rodriguez, Lydia Garaigordobil and Josu Perlacia will be the four components of the team that will play face to face to the best teams of Spanish scene; Fusion Team, B-52, Val d’Arán, SVC Iparpolo, Jaca Red, Hielo Pisuerga, Txuri-Berri Cafés Aitona, Barcelona Red and Jaca Black, plus Junior national teams (women and men) with our player Lydia Vallés.

The bonspiel starts on Friday against Jaca Red. After that, according to Schenkel system, the games will be assigned depending the results. The first three rounds will be inside Group A. Then, the first six teams will play the honor positions for the title

From Harrikada we cheer up our players to enjoy the bonspiel and give the best of them in a bonspiel that Harrikada has participated in all the editions.

Aupa Harrikada!

Harrikada Weekend gives three intensive days of Curling

Gordon McIntyre shares his experiences with Harrikada

Harrikada reinvents itself once again and organices Harrikada Weekend, during three days when Curling Word establishes intensively, by the hand of International coach Gordon McIntyre. Theory classes and practises formed this experience close to a campus where the players had the chance to be deeply supervised.

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When open borders in a sports practise is a necessity joined by the passion to share the knowledge of a prestigious coach, we get a perfect atmosphere to develop and activity like this weekend.

Gordon McIntyre was the person chosen to Support these Curling working days. As an expert on this type of technification campus, Gordon has participated in several campus and clinics all over Europe, managing them in places like Poland, Russia, Ireland, as well as Scotland where he lives.

On Friday 23rd, Mendiola was the first meeting. The most experienced and the newest players had the chance to open their mind to different ways to understand this sport. This session in a multimedia classroom was the starting point.

Jaca was the place for the practise lessons during Saturday and Sunday. The players, divided by levels, got the opportunity to be analyzed by laser and video devices. The use of dedicated ice was essential to choose the place to develop this practice where Alfonso Vilar offered the first ice of the season

There were games and technical challenges where the players quickly practise the new knowledge and improved skills.

On Sunday morning, a new theory and strategy lesson followed by another ice practise summed up the attitude to improve a game level for Harrikada players

Harrikada appreciates the experience as a participation success and opens a new way of coaching to develop in the coming future. We are sure we will have new editions of Harrikada Weekend.

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