Harrikada club qualifies two teams for the competitions Liga España (Vitrogres) and Copa España (Curlstore). Txuri-Berri Club dominated the competition capturing first and second places.


Harrikada closes again with success its participation at a national competition, gettig a third, sixth and seventh place at Liga Norte/Sur,. This competition is disputed in parallel to Liga Catalana, and gives access to compite Liga España and Copa España, giving three places to every territorial subdivision.
Harrikada Vitrogres (Lydia Garaigordobil, Josu Perlacia, Lydia Vallés and Iraitz Goldarazena) didn´t start the competition with the best game as they lost the first match against Harrikada Curlstore. Since then, they started the qualifying rise with victories against Harrikada Fundación Vital, Jaca, Hielo Pisuerga, and loosing vs. both Txuri-Berri teams. It was a good trayectory for a team under construction that will repeat in a week at Mixed National Championship.
On the other hand, Harrikada Curlstore (Belén Bárcena, Iñigo Ruiz Alvarado, Máximo Calvo, Rubén Martínez del Pino and Iñigo Ruiz de Eguílaz) had an irregular championship because, to the above mentioned win, they couldn´t add any other. They lost against Harrikada Fundación Vital, Txuri-Berri Gorena and Txuri-Berri Cafés Aitona. Already in the final games the could tie vs. Jaca and then another defeat against Hielo Pisuerga.
Harrikada Fundación Vital (Nagore Goldarazena, Iosu Gabilondo, Josune Albisu, José Miguel Vallés and Javier Goldarazena) had a promising begin beating with a big scoreboard to Harrikada Curlstore. This, let them compensate the defeat vs. Jaca. Since then. their game was not enough to overpass the opponents Harrikada Vitrogres, Hielo Pisuerga and both Txuri-Berri.
it was a big success this participation supporting a club project in constant movement and grow that doesn´t leave competitive dates giving the maximum in the ice.
Congratulations Txuri-Berri as winners and to our teams to continue building a project that amaze everybody.
Aupa Harrikada