Harrikada returns to the competition with the highest participation of a club in a National Championship. Harrikada will take part with four teams at the Mixed National Championship that will test its game giving once more a greeny colour to the competition.

Jaca´s ice rink will host this weekend the Curling Mixed National Championship. In this modality the teams have two men and two women. The winner will get the pass to dispute the Mixed World Championship that will be Aberdeen (SCO). 2019 edition will have 11 teams divided in two groups with six and five teams.

Harrikada Fundación Vital (Javier Goldarazena, Josune Albisu, José Miguel Vallés and Toñi Rodriguez) begins with the excitement of a new team and the opportunity to open a promising path.  They will open the competition against Harrikada Bar Hirusta.

Harrikada Bar Hirusta (Iraitz Goldarazena, Lydia Vallés, Josu Perlacia and Lydia Garaigordobil) will test their successfull participation last weekend at Liga Norte/Sur, that, for sure, will strenght its game on the four games of its group.

Harrikada Vitrogres (Balta Moreno, Belén Bárcena, Íñigo Ruiz Alvarado and Nagore Ramírez de la Piscina Minay) have a bet with the most imaginative and fresh game that will fight during their five matches, starting vs. Harrikada Oreka.

Harrikada OrekaiT (Oihane Ruiz, Rubén Martínez, Leire Carasa and Javier Carasa) have the most promising future combining youth and technique to face the opponents and put in a difficult situation in every end.

Four teams in a championship that mean a mainstay on the development of a sport that looks to make way between all the activities and that is a big personal and economical effort. Harrikada´s contribution is, once more, a base of an ambitious and consistent project and Harrikada can be very proud and go a step forward.

Good luck to our teams and may the best win.