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Harrikada had a nice debut at National Mixed Doubles

Harrikada teams has a good debut at Spanish Mixed Doubles Curling Championship. The pairs showed a good game level getting victories against experienced pairs in the category and, even, disputing the game until the last stone with teams with options in the honour positions. 
It was an intense weekend at Jaca´s Palacio de Hielo ice rink for Harrikada teams: Vitrogres, Curlstore, Fundación Vital and Oreka. Four pairs, four women and four men from Harrikada, that for the first time, took part at a competition as specialised as atractive.

The competition started on Friday at 8:00 a.m. with the first group round. Each team would play three games till middle Saturday. Debut nerves started with LSD ranking practise, a key to get the pass to play-offs. The book was already open and the stones will roll the most agressive strategies on this sport.

Harrikada Curlstore (Iñigo Ruiz de Eguilaz and Oihane Ruiz) started the participation in Green Group against Barcelona, Iceberg and SVC Iparpolo. They got 1 win and 2 defeats and the feeling of having the chance to go a little bit further with a more conservative strategy at the beginning of the championship.

Harrikada Fundación Vital (Lydia Vallés and Josemi Vallés) were and authentic surprise inside a really complicated Blue group having 1 win against SVC Iparpolo and 2 defeats against Barcelona and big qualification options in the last stone against Txuri-Berri that had a lot to say that weekend.

Harrikada Oreka (Belén Bárcena and Rubén Martínez) started with a lot to say and be the surprise at Lilac Group where Txuri-Berri, SVC Iparpolo and Jaca were stronger in the three games. However, these first steps have opened the way for future editions where their technical quality will bloom.

Harrikada Vitrogres (Josu Perlacia and Lydia Garaigordobil) have been the real center of attencion in Brown Group. They started loosing against B-52, later they found the key and won Barcelona and they had serious play-off options being the first of their group against Val d’Arán who had to appeal to an epic recovery to win and leave out our players from play-off.

And we didn´t finish here the contribution of Harrikada family. Nagore Ramírez de la Piscina, Minay, was part of umpire staff as Raúl García´s assistant umpire, bringing the Championship rules in an excellent way, bearing the ice rink cold.

This was Harrikada Club participation in a championshing that saw Txuri-Berri Otaegi/Unanue get their first Gold medal against their team mates Txuri-Berri Alstar and SVC Iparpolo Bikobi in third place.

Harrikada congratulates the champions Oihane and Mikel, and wishes the best luck at Mixed Doubles World Championship in Stavanger  (NOR).

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