Harrikada will take part at Spanish Championship with 2 teams in the first league

The most important appointment for Curling in the male category has already arrived and Harrikada is going to take part for the first time with 2 teams: Oreka and Aktion. Both teams will share 2 intense weekends, where they will play in a single group made up of 10 teams, which will be followed by the play-off, where the next Spanish champion will come from.

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Jaca and its recreative ice rink of ice palace will take again the 1st League Spanish Male Curling Championship, starting a qualifying round where 10 teams will confront. It will start next weekend (23-25 February) and extending to March (23-25) where the best four teams will fight for Play-off to be champion.

Harrikada Oreka (Rubén Martínez del Pino, Máximo Calvo, Félix Díaz de Lezana, Jose Miguel Vallés and Javier Pérez de Goldarazena) will make their debut in the 1st division thanks to their bronce medal at last year´s 2nd division. No doubt, it will be an intense experience where their objectives are to grow as a team and remain on the category. In this team there are experience players mixed with new players forming a real fighting team

On the other hand, Harrikada Aktion (Iñigo Ruiz de Eguílaz, Egoitz Gordo, Iosu Gabilondo and Iraitz Pérez de Goldarazena) is the third time in the highest division, where they already went to the final game on its debut. This time they come from the 7th position last year.  The team has completed a long training going to Switzerland and Estonia to be ready for this Spanish Championship in the best form. Although the main objective is not to lose the category, they won´t keep an eye on the honour positions

Txuri-Berri Cafés Aitona, from San Sebastián, will defend last year´s title and completing the participants are PuigcerdáPanxing, Sportingl’Olla, Jaca, SVC Iparpolo, Barcelona, B-52 Madrid, Val d’Aran and our Harrikada Oreka and Harrikada Aktion.

The first match is Oreka vs Aktion, according to the rules to avoid any speculation in the qualifying. Good game, good stones and good luck to our teams.

Aupa Harrikada!