XII Edition Trofeu Internacional Puigcerdá has finished and, Harrikada as it is usual took part with 3 teams and participating in all the activities of a bonspiel that is a reference every season.


13 Harrikada Club members, formed in 3 teams, Bat (Josune, Nagore, Josefo y Iosu), Bi (Toñi, Josemi, Oihane y Lydia V.) and Hiru (Rita, Josu, Lydia G., Iraitz e Iñigo), have been playing with rivals from one and another side of The Atlantic, and different fortune, they have fullfilled a weekend in the ice that did not disappoint the most demanding ones.
Harrikada Bat had hard rivals from the beginning and did not find their best game. Harrikada Hiru started quite well but couldn´t continue the good way on the next games. On the other hand, Harrikada Bi, maintained a high game level during all the weekend and they even had podium changes until the last game.
The Swiss team, Lully, got the prize; 4 ham legs up in the podium. Carlit and Puigpedrós completed the podium.
2017 edition is already finished but we are honored to be the first club confirming a place for 2018, thanks to the prize won at the alternatives games where 4 skilled Harrikada players made a difference…and their funniest face.
Harrikada wants to congratulate Puigcerdá Curling Pànxing, Club Poliesportiu Puigcerdà, for the good job and big effort on the organization and the other 18 teams that took part on the bonspiel to contribute to enhance the values of a sport that put together different generations, conditions, languages, nationalities and sensitivities: Puigcerdá (CAT) , Barcelona (CAT), Sporting l’Olla (CAT), Harrikada (EUS), CCLO Bouddha Stones (SUI), Lully (SUI), The Roaring Stones (SCO), Golfbuds (SCO), Canata (SCO), Curl The World (USA), Nice Curling Club (FRA) and Albertville (FRA).