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Harrikada Equipo de curling en Vitoria-Gasteiz

Do you wanna try?


If you already read the other sections of the website you may be thinking of what you need to play curling. Let´s try to answer all your questions:

  • To play curling it is not necessary to be able to ice skate or to be in a special shape. Curling is a sport that everybody can play.
  • It is not necessary a special clothe equipment and we can lend you a basic equipment so you can start (broom and shoes)
  • In some days you will have clear the game concepts and in less than a month you will get a basic level to play. Later, it will depend on you, until where you want to reach…

If you are interested and want to know more, just contact us and we will arrange a day with you in the ice rink.