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Harrikada Equipo de curling en Vitoria-Gasteiz

Who are we?

Harrikada Neguko Kirol Kluba is a curling club founded in 2013 in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The club’s goal is to offer to its members the required infrastructure to practice this sport, which is not very known in our surroundings, as well as to promote it in order to attract new players.This way, Harrikada has 3 main activities:

  • Weekly trainings every Friday evening at the Bakh’s ice rink. This allows us keeping a constant contact with the ice and improving relationships between club members.
  • Attend to friendly tournaments. Considering the fact that every weekend there is at least one tournament somewhere in Europe, curling practicing is a big incentive to travel in a different way.
  • Participation in official tournaments. National Championships are celebrated every year and give us the opportunity to compete, learn and get along with other curling clubs.
Harrikada tries to be a friendly place for those people who want to play curling and enjoy a nice social environment.