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Harrikada Equipo de curling en Vitoria-Gasteiz

Entertainment activities for companies

Harrikada Curling Taldea offers sport session days for companies focused on enjoying an activity out of the regular work place with colleagues.This is a great idea to celebrate a company´s anniversary, Christmas alternative meeting, and to get better relations or just an excuse to enjoy a sports day with your colleagues.

In this activity you will learn to play curling, compete between yourselves and, above all, have a great time. The standard plan we propose can be done on Midday Saturdays or Sundays, from October to May, at Bakh ice rink, in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Here is the full programme:

  1. Reception at 13:00 at ice rink´s coffee shop. We will serve a cold lunch while we split the teams, organize a competition and give a theoretical class introducing the curling sport.
  2. At 14:30 we equip you and the teams enter into the ice rink with an instructor. We will spend one hour learning the throw technique and the game concepts.
  3. 15:30-16:30 the teams will play against other according to the established competition system.
  4. At 16:30 we will have a hot lunch, while we host the awards ceremony and play the pictures of the day on a screen.

This activity is designed for groups from 8 to 32 people.In case your party is made up of or fewer people or the proposed schedule is not convenient for you, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to accommodate to your needs.

You can also improve and practice languages; we offer this activity in Basque, Spanish and English languages too. Contact us and ask for a quotation, you won´t regret it!!