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Harrikada Equipo de curling en Vitoria-Gasteiz


Cider restaurant day out 2014Total members: 22

September  2014

  • Two members attend the WCF instructor course in Füssen (Germany)
  • Curling course agreement with GEU Elkartea
  • Acquisition of a 2nd stone set and several materials
  • Day out with all club members to Cider Restaurant “Sidrería Petritegi” (Astigarraga)
  • Interview in Radio Vitoria radio station
  • Curling day with IDOM company

October 2014

  • Beginning of Curling course and training sessions (until May 2015): 6 pupils

Curling course and practise

  • Puigcerdá International Bonspiel (Girona): 2 teams (23rd and 24th positions out of 30 teams)

Puigcerdá International Bonspiel 2014

  • TV report in Euskal Herria Zuzenean (EITB, Xabier Euzkitze)

Harrikada Curling Taldea EH Zuzenean

  • One of our members takes part in Junior technical training days in Jaca
  • Open day with Bakh (town´s ice rink)

November 2014

  • Jaca Curling Bonspiel: 2 teams (8th and 9th positions out of 12 teams)
  • Interview in Euskadi Irratia radio station

December 2014

  • TV report in Tribuaren Berbak (EITB, Kike Amonarriz)
  • Second Curling day for companies with con Oreka IT
  • First round out of three of internal curling bonspiel organized by Harrikada: Harribonspiel

Harribonspiel Curling Bonspiel

January 2015

  • One club member takes part at the European Junior Tournament in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Another club member takes part at the Pre-University of Granada Bonspiel

April 2015

  • Mixed Curling Championship of Spain, at Palacio de Hielo de Jaca: 3 teams (7th, 8th and 10th positions out of 10 teams)

Mixed Curling Championship of Spain 2015


  • Pirineos Cup (Jaca): 1 team (6th position out of 10 teams)

May 2015

  • 3rd International Turin Curling Cup (Turin, Italy): 2 teams (21st and 22nd position out of 30 teams)

3rd International Turin Curling Cup 2015

  • Absolut Masculine Spanish Tournament at Puigcerdá (Girona): Second Division CHAMPION and access to First League

Masculine Spanish Tournament, Puigcerdá 2015